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Details of Service

We are a service oriented metered taxi company.  We carry a maximum of 4 adult passengers excluding the driver.

The basic operating principle of our cabs are as follows:

  1. Taxi fares are calculated from point to point and exclude waiting time (± 5 minutes incurs no charge).
  2. Excess luggage incurs a surcharge.
  3. No smoking of cigarettes or any illegal substance and no consumption of alcohol in cabs.
  4. Fares are usually collected before departing on a trip.
  5. When a client calls for a cab and cancels when a cab has reached him or almost reached him, a CALL-OUT fee is payable to the company.
  6. A client needs to call in advance for a cab, taking into consideration where he/she wants to be picked up from and that our cabs are situated in central Pietermaritzburg.
  7. At times our cabs are extremely busy, however our call centre will inform the client of availability.
  8. Our staff are not allowed to carry cell phones as they work with 2-way radios.
  9. Staff are trained to give the best of service available, not to be rude or abusive to clients, likewise, we beg the same of our clients towards our staff.
  10. We are contracted to many companies for staff, student, patient, etc. transport.
  11. We do local and long distance client transport.
  12. When booking online, kindly book a few hours before the pick-up time, bearing in mind where one needs to be picked up from and that there may be delays in receiving your online booking.


Please be aware of bogus operators or pretenders who have similar coloured cars and verbally state that they are from our company. Please do not be misled.

Our call centre operates via a switchboard which is manned 24 hours, 365/6 days a year (We are at your service day and night).  To all our clients, a permanent “THANK YOU” for your support. It is always appreciated even if we are busy and don’t have the time to say “THANK YOU”.

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